Get better service and save costs!

Payroll administrative tasks are one of those areas, where you can achieve the largest cost saving by outsourcing.

It takes a lot of resources to stay updated on new laws and regulations within the area of payroll and personnel. Payday stays up to date all the time, and we inform our customers about all new relevant laws and regulations.

How much money will you lose in repayments from the local authorities each year, because you miss the application deadlines? With Payday you will not have to do a thing – Payday takes care of the whole process from the first day of absence to the last.

Payday takes care of the contracts of employment with document management on top secure servers, so you will not risk having to pay fines of several thousand Danish kroner for missing contracts.

For all department managers it is often a very hard task to create working schedules, and when the hours must be added up at the end of the month, mistakes are often made, which cost your company a lot of money.  With Payday it is quick and easy to create working schedules both short term and long term. The addition of hours happens automatically and there will always be taken care of overtime payment and collectively agreed rates.

Do you have the full overview of the balance of holidays for each employee? And do you keep score on holidays spent in a spreadsheet, which you need to update manually? The price of one holiday missed in the spreadsheet can pay for the payroll for one employee for a year! With Payday the employees are responsible for recording their holiday, so that everything is accounted for and the balance is always kept up to date.

An ordinary payroll system is expensive no matter is you have 10 or 500 employees, and it can only handle the payroll. With Payday the costs are variable with the number of employees. And we even offer several solutions within payroll- and personnel administration. Remember you can change payroll system any time of the year.

Holiday and absence

With Payday you are not vulnerable during holiday and illness.

Personal Service

With Payday there are people behind the system - always ready to help you and your employees.


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