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Payday will help you all the way – it’s easier than you think!

Maybe you are just starting up a new branch in Denmark, or you have got an urgent need to change payroll system. Maybe payroll outsourcing is part of your long term strategy.

No matter the reason Paydays competent consultants are ready to give you advice and guidance on how to achieve the most optimal solution for precisely your organization.



After the Tax authorities have implemented an online solution, it is no longer difficult to change payroll system in the middle of a financial year. If you have a lot of departments or employee types, it can actually be an advantage to implement Payday over a longer period of time.



Send us an email with your specific needs, or give us a ring. If in Denmark you can of course book a non-committal meeting with one of our consultants, and hear more about your advantages and savings on a total payroll outsourcing to Payday.



Payroll administrative tasks are one of those areas, where you can obtain the largest  savings on outsourcing.

The savings are variable depending on the number of employees.



The time frame from your decision to the full implementation and run of the first payroll settlement depends on how much Payday has to be adjusted to your organization. But the typical procedure is between 8-14 days.

If you have an urgent need, we will do everything, we can to find a solution to that as well.

Do you need payroll in Denmark?

Payday handles the payroll for several foreign companies with employees in Denmark.


All you need is to set up a bank account in a Danish bank, and the rest will be taken care of.

Reports for public authorities

Payday handles all reporting to the Danish TAX authorities, Pension Funds and Maternity Funds etc.



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