Payroll outsourcing to Payday

Outsourcing payroll to Payday is a lot more than just a pay slip! Payday works as your own professional payroll office.

We know how important it is for the well being of your employees to get an easy and understandable clarification on all payroll and personnel related questions.

The laws and rules within payroll- and personnel administration in Denmark are very extensive. Not to mention reporting to the public authorities and applying for repayments at the Maternity Funds etc.

At Payday we are always up to date with the latest changes in the payroll and personnel area. We handle all reporting to the Danish Tax authorities, Pension Funds, Maternity Funds etc. Furthermore we can take care of applying for repayments with the local authorities in case one of your employees gets ill or goes on maternity leave.

We also handle the direct dialogue with all of your employees. The only thing your managing employees have to take care of, are to approve the data, which the employees have recorded in Payday, which constitute the foundation of the payroll calculation.

Once the payroll is conducted, we do not have any other tasks in the economy function.  We are therefore always ready on the phone or on the email for questions from you or your employees. Regardless of the complexity of the questions, we don’t give up, until the questions hav been clarified satisfactory.

Payday is in other words a complete external payroll office.

Contact us and hear more – already today, or read more about the many advantages of payroll outsourcing here.


Reports for public authorities

Payday handles all reporting to the Danish TAX authorities, Pension Funds and Maternity Funds etc.


You will only need to set up a  bank account in a Danish bank and the rest will happen automatically.

Well organised

Payday is simple and user friendly for all parties. A well functioning payroll is a prerequisite for the motivation of the employees.

Holiday and absence

With Payday you are not vulnerable during holiday and illness.


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