Payroll administration

The system will be customised for your needs.

In consultation with you we will adjust Payday, so that it precisely fulfills the needs and wishes of your business within payroll administration. In other words Payday can be used whether your business is within sales, service or production.

It is also irrelevant whether your employees are salaried, wage-earning or have completely different individual terms of employment.

We handle all collective agreements efficiently and professionally.

If your employees need working permits or apply to special tax rules, Payday works together with an external partner, which is specialised in that area.

Furthermore we send accounting documents every month adjusted to your chart of accounts as well as a balance statement in proportion to public filings.

Read more about the many possibilities for online payroll administration here.

Save costs

Why spend time and costs on staying up to date with all the laws and regulations within payroll- and personnel administration. Payday is always updated on the latest changes.

Reports for public authorities

Payday handles all reporting to the Danish TAX authorities, Pension Funds and Maternity Funds etc.


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