Time and absence recording

With Payday you get an individually customised system for time recording.

Your wage earning employees and employees with flexible hours record their start time and finish time themselves in Payday. The recordings are gathered on a very manageable screen, where the individual department manager can approve or edit the recordings with a click of the mouse.

If you wish for a different approval procedure, we can simply adjust the system.

The time recording can be customised to your business needs. You can record illness, case management, and mileage allowance etc. And for each recording type, you can choose individual comment fields - for instance for invoicing purposes. In other words, we can set up several combinations.

With time recording you also have the ability to manage working hours for employees with a home office. And the managers can get an overview of the current employees at work at a specific time.

Furthermore we can create statistics on the time recordings according to your needs and wishes.

Statement of wages

Payday takes care of quality assurance of the entered time recordings, after which the approved time recordings create the foundation for the final statement of wages. You will of course get the result of the statement of wages for approval, before Payday conducts the final settlement to the employees, TAX authorities, the Holiday Account, ATP, Maternity Funds, Pension Funds etc.

Simplicity in focus

Payday is user friendly and simple for everybody

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